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iHawk™ CAV-2C
GSM 850/900/1800/1900
Wide for voltage input range::9.5 – 100VDC
Working currency:20mA@12V
GPS Location accuracy:10m(2DRMS)
Working temperature:-20~70degrees
Working Humidity:20% – 80% RH
Unit size:67L)×33.8(W)×11.5(H)

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The iHawk™ acts as your eye in the sky that allows you to monitor, control and track the locations of all types of vehicles using GPS via SMS/GPRS. It will facilitate control of your vehicle from a safe remote location.


The Vehicle Tracking System is highly dynamic and has witnessed high volume growth. It has emerged as an increasingly advantageous system. Our network of Vehicle Tracking has a comprehensive technical as well sales team which provides technical and network management services to its clients.


Tracking Unit is installed at the client’s vehicle and provides up to the minute information with location & status of the vehicle IO's. It enables you to monitor, track and protect your assets 24/7 It is cost effective, flexible, reliable and functional.


  • Web Interface
  • Android Application
  • Live Monitoring
  • Live Route Tail
  • Multiple Geo fences
  • Multiple user login


  • Acc ON
  • Acc OFF
  • Geo Fence in
  • Geo Fence Out
  • Device Stopped
  • Device Moving
  • Device Online
  • Device Offline
  • Maintenance
  • Over Speed
  • Status Updates


Geo coded Address, Location, Accuracy, Altitude, Speed, Time,Total Distance, Battery Level, Motion, Ignition, GPS Fixed, Charging, Direction & Number of Satellite


(6 Mounth Data History)

Route, Event, Trips, Stops, Summary & Charts.

+923 111 999 765

Server Login  Android App